CLICK HERE for a new drone promo video of the course. The video was filmed and produced by Peter Ravald which was arranged by our Captain Mike O'Brien.

You can contact Peter and view further work by searching Peter Ravy Ravald on Facebook.

Course Videos

Click on the hole name to view the video.

Hole 1 Greenhalgh                Hole 10 Rose of Lancaster

Hole 2 Owen Hill                  Hole 11 Newts About

Hole 3 Route66                    Hole 12 Boot Hill

Hole 4 Brick House              Hole 13 Unsworth Moss

Hole 5 The Barn                   Hole 14 Castle Brook

Hole 6 Shifting Sands            Hole 15 Kings Moss

Hole 7 Church Tower           Hole 16 Ireland

Hole 8 Cooper Lane             Hole 17 Knowl Hill

Hole 9 Twin Ponds               Hole 18 Back o'th Moss                

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