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07.04.2015 15:07

  • Pike Fold Golf Club 200 Club

    bigpicThe Pike Fold Golf Club 200 Club continue to provide great benefit to the members of the golf club.

    As well as sponsoring the website the 200 club has financed the current refurbishment of the members lounge.

    There are still places available in the club so please see either Bob Greenhalgh, Gillian Harrowell or Wendy Sankey for details.

  • Hands On Computer Solutions Ltd

    Our aim is simple - we fulfil the role of an in-house IT manager but for a fraction of the cost. When you get a problem, you call us and we fix it – it’s as simple as that! If your business needs IT support then give us a call now on 0161 761 2389 and we will be pleased to discuss your needs over the phone or over a coffee.