Applying For Membership

There is currently no joining fee at Pike Fold Golf Club and with a number of easy ways to pay it is a great time to join!

We have one of the best courses in the region with fantastic USGA standard greens. We are in a great, easy to reach location where you will only ever see fellow golfers on the course.

If you are interested in joining or require more information, please contact the Secretary on 0161 766 3561 option 1 or use our contact form.

Annual subscription fees listed below are for 2020.

Flexible Membership is run in association with PlayMoreGolf. This flexible form of membership which also offers golf at other participating courses across the UK is available from £325 per year. Further information is available at

There is also a corporate membership scheme available.

Also from 1st February 2017 a new category, Community Membership, will be available. Full details are below.

Please note there is currently no joining fee.


Gents Subscription Rates

Gents 7 day membership£849
Gents 7 day (28-32 years of age)£639
Gents 7 day (23-27 years of age)£518
Gents 7 day (19-22 years of age)£390
Gents 6 day membership£742
Gents 5 day membership£639
Gents over 65 & retired (7 day members for 10 consecutive years)£590

Ladies Subscription Rates

Ladies Membership£594
Ladies Membership (28-32 years of age)£505
Ladies Membership (23-27 years of age)£378
Ladies Membership (18-22 years of age)£270
Ladies over 65 & retired (members for 10 consecutive years)£521

Intermediate Subscription Rates

Intermediate membership (19 - 22 years of age and in full time education)£267

Juniors Subscription Rates

Juniors 16 to 18 years of age£134.00
Up to 15 years of age£0.00

Social Membership Rates

Social Membership£20.00

Corporate Membership Rates

Corporate Membership£350

Community Membership Rates

Community Membership£515 (see below)

Pike Fold Golf Cub is pleased to announce a new membership category available from 1st Feb 2017 which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of CASC registration.

This new category will be known as Community Membership and is primarily directed at those who are not able to afford full membership fees as set out on the clubs website. This new category allows the member to play once a week throughout the year on the proviso that the rounds are pre booked through the BRS online Tee Booking System or alternatively via the Pro shop at the Club.

The annual fee for membership is set at £515.00 and this will include all costs associated with the full participation in golf including all affiliation fees.
This membership is directed towards those on low income or other financial restraints that would prevent them from pursuing standard full membership.
Should you wish to apply for this Category and feel that you can adequately demonstrate your financial circumstances meet the criteria required, please do not hesitate to contact the club Secretary in the first instance.

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