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Addleton, LucaAWAY0
Aiken, Michael18.518.50
Ainsworth, ThomasAWAY0
Aitken, Patrick26.826.80
Aldred, Peter17.417.40
Allen, Terry16.616.60
Allmand-Smith, Benadict12.712.70
Allmand-Smith, John-Mark9.99.90
Allmand-Smith, Oliver17.417.40
Anslow, Michael18.318.30
Appleby, Ryan17.817.80
Appleby, Stephen8.68.60
Armstrong, Matthew12.412.40
Arora, Aman28.828.80
Ashton, kennethAWAY0
Ashworth, Dan14.314.30
Ashworth, David11.111.10
Ashworth, RichardAWAY0
Astwick, Bryan24.924.90
Aziz, Haris12.012.00
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